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Producing quality translations of legal and business documents does not only require excellent knowledge of both the source and target language, but also being familiar with the subject.

To consult dictionaries for single terms or to start an Internet search is not sufficient, as only the expert translator is able to comprehend the real meaning of words within their specific context and to translate them correctly.

As the philosopher Roger Bacon already taught in the 13th century: "The translator must know both languages, as well as the science that he is to translate".

Here you will find only qualified and experienced legal and business translators, who offer this competence and security.

    By the way: When contacting us you will be dealing with the translators directly and not with translation agencies that pass on your orders to unknown translators whose qualification you cannot check.

You can only translate correctly (and clearly) what you really understand!

Dipl.-Volksw. Raymond Bökenkamp & Dietlind Bökenkamp
Vereidigte Übersetzer und Dolmetscher - Sworn Translators - Traducteurs assermentés

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